Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information:
MobilAdzs continually strives to protect the information you share with us. Access to personal member
information is limited to specific individuals, employees, and agents of MobilAdzs. MobilAdzs will not
sell or rent your personal information to third parties. MobilAdzs may disclose personal information to
third parties to complete a transaction you have requested, as part of the terms and conditions for a
particular service, or when we otherwise have your consent to do so.

MobilAdzs website uses cookies. Cookies help provide a better user experience by measuring which website
areas are of greatest interest. MobilAdzs also uses cookies when an individual registers for a web application.
In this situation, a cookie stores useful information that enables the website to remember that individual user.
MobilAdzs can only access cookies from the websites it controls. If you choose to disable cookies in your
browser, you can still access most of our websites. Please be aware, however, that some websites will not
allow you to complete certain activities if cookies are disabled.