MobilAdzs: Continually Visible and Uniquely Mobile

MobilAdzs is developing a Mobile Digital Signage product. MobilAdzs' super efficient and mobile platform
is an ideal place for Brand marketing, Product advertisement and Customer oriented messaging and
communication. It is a rich mobile medium suitable for graphic, text and image based advertisement
and communication. MobilAdzs' display product is designed for round the clock visibility and mobility.

Be first to capitalize on the new mobile media and make your Brand, Product and Message continually visible to your customers. Reach out, try out and stand out all the time, every time in a new mobile media with MobilAdzs.

Consumer Product

Advertise and promote products directly in every locality in a new mobile setting.

Theme Campaigns

Tailor your message and reach your audience directly using the new mobile media.

Brand Marketing

Advertise your brand and products directly to customers when they are on the go.